Sunday, 22 January 2017

Life | This Week #068...


001)I have been completely unorganised this week hence the lack of posts appearing. I'm planning to still post what I had planned so look out for those shortly.

002) This week I have learnt that I am the most non-photogenic blogger ever. I just cannot do it - some people are absolutely brilliant. Me? I think you'll have better luck finding a more photogenic poop...

003) Yoga and I are a fairly recent love story so last Sunday I popped down to Foodstory for their weekly Yoga Granola session for something different to do. It was really good and I highly recommend it. The Yoga instructor, Laura, was brilliant and it was a session that was suitable for all levels. In addition, Foodstory's Granola afterwards....WOW!

004) If you've read my 2017 Fitness Goals post, you will know that one of my goals this year is to achieve Crow Pose in Yoga. This current Body Balance release actually has a Crow Pose in it and so this week I managed to lift one of my feet so I'm halfway to my goal. I  just need to find the confidence in myself to lift the other...

005) This week I have been back tracking macros and it has been a little difficult in restarting after the festive period/flat drama. Let's just say I've had more bad days than good this week. However, going forward I am determined to nail my macros day in and day out. I think one of my weaknesses is lack of variety so when I am bored I  tend to look for tastier, unhealthy options.

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