Monday, 2 January 2017

Fitness | Fitness Review 2016 and Fitness Goals 2017...


Fitness has now been a major part of my life for the last few years and to be honest, I don't think it will never now not be a part of my life.


This time last year I reviewed my progress in 2015 and set some goals for 2016. So let's see how I did in 2016:


001) Continue to increase weights during Body Pump, specifically:
         - Squat track weight increase to 30kg (currently 22.5kg) - Highest combo achieved in                                                                                                           2016 was 27.5kg 
         - Shoulder track weight increase to 10kg (currently varies between 5kg & 7.5kg) 12.5kg                                                                                                                                                 achieved
         - Chest track weight increase to 12.5kg (currently varies between 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg) -                                                                                                                                         Not achieved
002) Push-ups on toes - Injury has pushed this back but I'm hoping by February this will be achieved
003) Tricep push-ups  - Injury pushed this back too. Hoping to achieve this within the 1st 6 months of 2017
004) Move from downward dog to plank without collapsing - Slowly getting there - not quite there yet due to injury
005) Continue to take higher options in classes  - Always try to take high options (Abs not so much) - Burpees are now pretty fun!
006) Develop a stretching routine for home to avoid too many more injuries - Not even close to this one!
007) Try more new classes - Tried Floatfit, Kitty Yoga, Lululemon Yoga Class
008) Sign up for 1 or 2 challenges - I'm currently thinking about the Beast race  - Beast Race completed!
009) Sort out my nutrition. My nutrition is absolutely rubbish  and I know that having the right nutrition goes hand in hand with exercising. I usually find that I am fine at work and then after that it is a disaster with dinner usually being porridge on a good day (unless it's a weekend or I am at home where my Dad is an amazing cook). - Achieved November 2016 although I'm writing this just after Christmas and still need to get back on track but I now know what I need to be doing. Will have more thoughts on this coming up soon.


2017 Goals:

001) Continue to increase weights in Body Pump specifically:
         - Squat track weight to 35kg
         - Bicep track weight to 10kg
         - Chest track weight to 12.5kg
002) Achieve Mermaid & Crow pose in Balance (at the same time would be slightly impossible...)
003) Dedicate more time in the gym rather than the studio
004) Sign up for a couple more challenges - Beast Race and Glack (?!)
005) Attend outdoor bootcamp
006) Continue to try more new classes - All suggestions welcome.
007) Continue to eat healthily and fuel my body appropriately to suit my workouts
008) Develop a stretching routine
009) Attend one of Food Story's Yoga Brunches
010) Incorporate a little more running as strangely when I did Beast I started to enjoy it...

What are your fitness goals for 2017?

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