Monday, 9 January 2017

Fitness | Fitbit Charge 2...


Fitness is a pretty huge passion of mine so it will come as no surprise that I love seeing my fitness stats (this also warms to my scientific side).At the end of last year, I started looking for something to replace my Fitbit flex which I found was a little too basic for my needs (don't worry it has a new home with my Dad) but also something that could monitor my heart rate without a chest strap like my Polar watch.

Fitbits are popular with people in my gym so I decided to have a look into their available range which is where I stumbled across the Charge 2.

The Fitbit Charge 2 has enough features for someone like myself who is actively within a fitness environment. It is able to monitor your heart rate without a chest strap (yes!) which means that you will no longer have the dreaded 'Check your chest strap' message. In addition, it will count your daily steps (and have a little celebration when you reach them); record your workouts which you can specifically set (such as weights, run or generic workout) and monitor your sleep activity. The Charge 2 also has a handy relax feature which can be set for 2 or 5 minutes. Perfect for those stressful working days!


Overall, I really like the Fitbit Charge 2. I have all the features that I require and a few more. I found it handy that it syncs to your phone via Bluetooth so you can have a record of your data. In addition, the fact that it comes with a separate charging station is very useful: my Flex didn't and my Polar just uses a normal watch battery.

All in all, a worthwhile purchase from my point of view.

Fitbit Charge 2 retails for £129.99


  1. Great review thanks! I really want one! :-)

  2. I've never tried the fit bit, but I'm currently using a Polar Watch. These look really stylish x


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