Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fitness | Changing the habits of a lifetime...


If you have been following me for a while, you may remember that I shared my Fitness Story. At that point in time, I had given very little thought in regards to making nutritional lifestyle changes and instead I focused on exercise, exercise and even more exercise. However, since then I have learnt that abs really are made in the kitchen.

With that in mind, a couple of months before Christmas, I decided it was time to re-educate myself on nutrition and so with the help of a local fitness expert, the wheels were set in motion to essentially give myself a kick up the arse and to ensure that I was fuelling my workouts efficiently as well as improve my overall health.

The first week was tough - there is absolutely no disputing that! I was beginning to create new habits and discard the ones that I had known for 20+ years. And let's be honest: my previous habits were bad! I have a bit of a sweet tooth (which I completely blame my Dad for) and so the hardest part  for me would always be ditching the sugary stuff and in particular biscuits which were and still are my favourite.


During the second week and into the 3rd week, I was away - both in York and also at my parents. This meant that I had to learn to choose healthy options while out (I love unhealthy meals when I'm out) and I also had to learn to find a way to eat at my parents without losing track but also being able to compromise with them. Surprisingly, I actually managed much better than I thought I would.


Since I decided to reeducate myself on my nutrition, I have found that overall things have got much easier: I have started to know how much of each food group I should be consuming (Protein, Carbs, Fats etc);  what  sort of things would completely tip my macros over the edge and most importantly, learning to find the perfect balance (which is easier said than done)

However, there have been difficulties along the way and there is absolutely no point in sugarcoating it. It has definitely not been an easy journey. In particular, Christmas (and for a short period after) was tough as I let myself eat want I wanted over Christmas (hello festive treats!!) and then I found it difficult to get back into a routine afterwards. Additionally, I was out of my flat for a couple of weeks after the festive period due to plumbing issues which meant I couldn't really prep all my food like I would normally and I was picking up lots of processed things. Furthermore, I also found that I got bored easily with the same options so sometimes I would have something completely different and unhealthy (a particular favourite was Giant Crumpets and Jam for dinner...). However, that is mainly down to my lack of variety which is something that I really need to work on.


Overall, I think that changing my nutritional habits for the better  has been something of an eye-opener. Not only have I learnt so much about nutrition, I have also learnt more about myself. I feel much stronger and more able to push myself further in the gym; I feel more alert, I feel more confident and I am starting to see changes in my body that several years ago I couldn't have dreamed of. All in all, I am actually the happiest I have felt about myself in a while and it was all down to making a simple lifestyle change.

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