Saturday, 31 December 2016

Ultimate Favourites 2016...

2016 is almost, but not quite finished so I thought I would share my ultimate favourites of 2016.

Benefit Gimme Brow:

I have spoken about this product numerous times over the past year. I absolutely love it and it is an absolute brow game changer. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it...

Checked fleece blanket:

This blanket was a Christmas present from last year and since then it has become my go-to blanket for snuggling/falling asleep on the couch with. So yeah... here's to another year of doing the same...

Mac Russian Red:

Need a red? Russian Red. Need a Matte? Russian Red. Honestly this product has been my go-to bright lipstick throughout 2016. It is actually my blog event lipstick of choice if I decide to wear a bright.

Nike Purple Legend Rucksack:

Back in January, I did a wishlist. On the wishlist was this bag from Nike. Said bag was ordered and the rest is history. This bag has been the bag of all bags this year. It is the perfect size for those days when I have to run straight from work to the gym. It has also been great for weekends away as it can hold so much stuff. Definitely worth the £35.00 price tag.

Emite Diamond Face Primer:

This primer was a Glossybox special and something that I would have never been introduced to without Glossybox. I have used it so much that it is literally down to the wire if there is any product left in it. I actually don't think there is now...

L'Oreal gel eye make-up remover:

I actually purchased this product by accident. I meant to pick up the Micellar water but picked up this instead and I ended up loving it in 2016. Not only is it great at removing make-up but the gel is also soothing on tired eyes.

Blog Planner:

If you've not noticed I have posted more in 2016 than I ever have. And you know what? It is all down to this little fella who religiously lives on my couch and has every post planned to a tee. I would be lost without this and if I didn't have it sporadic posting would be aplenty.

Sony Nex-3N*:

I've actually had this camera for a number of years before these sorts of cameras were all kinds of popular. However, it is only this year that I have been using it religiously for blogging and it's great for taking to events and the quality of the photos is second to none. My poor SLR doesn't even get a look in now...

*lens pictured


In November I headed down to York for a few days with my Mum. During my stay I absolutely fell in love with the city and all of its little quirks.

Edinburgh Gin Distillery Tour:

In May I headed down to Edinburgh with my friend primarily for the Edinburgh Gin Distillery Tour. This tour was incredible and completely worth the price of the tour ticket. Highly recommended.

Marble Tray:

I have an obsession with Marble (and Copper for that matter too) and this tray has been one of my go-to blog props during 2016. It has been perfect for beauty posts as well as some recipes too. Overall an extremely versatile piece of kit.

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