Sunday, 18 December 2016

Life | This Week #063...


001) How are we just one week away from Christmas? Madness.

002) This week saw me finish work until 2017 (holidays and careful planning if you're wondering, haha) and that means I have had a lot more free time to myself for once. Usually my life revolves around 4 things: Work, Gym, Blog & Friends/Family. However, this week I have actually had time to sit and do things like sit and read a book all afternoon. I would definitely be lying if I said it hadn't been wonderful to be able to do this. I have also done some jobs that never get done such as changing over my electricity to a new supplier and ordering a new fridge freezer.

003) In addition, this week I also went for lunch at Food Story which is a local, independent vegetarian/vegan cafe in Aberdeen. Let me tell you the food (particularly their salads) are incredible and their White Chocolate Millionaire Slice....well you're just going to have to visit. Whilst I was there I also got a little brainstorming done for Teacups & Buttondrops.

004) Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows in particular seem to have taken over my life. I really can't get enough. In addition, this week I had my 1st red cup of the season which was the Fudge Hot Chocolate. It is SO good! Note to self: have more before they disappear

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