Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Traditions...

I don't know about you but I love hearing about other people's Christmas traditions so much so that I thought I would share some of mine. Ours change depending where we are in the country but for the last few years this has been a typical few Christmas days up in the North of Scotland.

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve is usually when I travel to our holiday home. My parents usually head up a couple of days before. However, they will not get a tree for there until I am with them. We do have a couple of Christmas trees in our own house which go up much earlier but for the holiday home they like to wait.

Once I get into the station, we will then go and pick the Christmas tree and pick up anything we have forgotten. Once we are home, we will put on a Christmas movie and then my Mum and I will usually decorate the tree. Some of the decorations that we use are vintage ones that my parents remember while they were growing up.

The rest of the day is pretty much spent chilled out until around 11pm when we will head up to the Church for the night service.

Christmas Day:

Alfie is up bright and early as per usual and full of beans which he always is before his morning walk. Needless to say once everyone is up, we head along the Bothy for an hour or so trying very hard to keep Alfie out of the water which is always an epic fail as he attracts water and mud anywhere he goes. He is relentless in his search to get as wet and muddy as possible.Last year we were adamant that he wasn't going to go into his favourite patch of water but he decided early on in the walk to lay down in a massive puddle. He clearly knew he wasn't getting his favourite patch. We were not pleased with him.

Once we have returned from the walk, a cup of tea is usually in order and then we will sit down and open stockings (the dog included). This will usually be around 10am or so. Stockings opened, I will then go and have a shower/get into some nicer clothes. Once dressed, there is time before dinner to sit and chill with Christmas TV and eat sweets.

Dinner is usually around 1.30ish but usually finished before 3 as my Dad is quite traditional and likes to watch the Queen's Speech at 3pm. With Dinner, we all usually have a course to do - Dad is always main (as let's face it he's pretty good at it) and I will flit between Starter and Dessert. This year I am apparently doing Starter - still no clue what!

After Dinner and the Queen's Speech is finished, there is usually more tea/alcohol and then around 4pm-ish we will sit down and unwrap presents. Usually by this point I am a bit restless as I love giving people presents especially if it's something that I know they will love. Also if it's something that will be a massive surprise. Needless to say I always get carried away Christmas shopping!

Once the presents are unwrapped we will usually face time some family members down in England and catch up with them for a bit which is always great to do.

After that we will walk Alfie again and then settle down to watch some of the Christmas specials on the TV with usually a Cheese Board appearing at some point. We will also open a tree present which is a family tradition that goes back a few generations and usually the item that is from the tree is around £5.00.

Boxing Day:

On Boxing Day we usually start the day exactly the same way as Christmas Day - albeit a bit rounder and fuller - with a walk along the Bothy with Alfie. This time he will get to do as he pleases in regards to water and mud.

Once back, we will then chill out for a bit before dinner which is usually Beef. I will usually be doing some blog stuff as I find it really hard to switch off from my blog and chill. Actually I generally find it hard to switch off from anything.

Usually in the afternoon we will head for another long walk with Alfie. We quite often will head along the Viaducts for something a little different for him as the Bothy is his daily walk.

Once we return we will usually just end up watching Christmas TV again and I may do a little blogging. We will also have another Tree Present to open as well.

How do you spend your festive period?

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