Sunday, 13 November 2016

Life | This Week #058...

001) The past couple of weeks I seem to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I have had posts planned but if I'm honest a bit of lack of motivation to blog as I know there is so much background stuff that needs to be done. However, I am home at my parents this week so I am planning on dedicating a lot of time solely on this little space on the web.

002) Last week I spoke about re-educating myself on nutrition. So far, it is going ok and generally I am finding that it is beginning to get a little easier to eat healthily...with prep that is! Prep so far has been a key element in stopping me from grabbing the entire packet of biscuits. Like I said before, I am at home this week and away to York tomorrow for a couple of days actually, so it is going to be a huge challenge this week with temptation absolutely everywhere.

003) With Christmas only 6 weeks away, time is running out. I generally like to be organised at Christmas so I'm not rushing around at the last minute. This year I have done absolutely nothing - no shopping, no ideas given to my parents. I have done nothing...but procrastinate.

004) Yesterday saw the start of the madness begin again. The Rugby madness that is. I am a Scottish Rugby season ticket holder along with my parents and so yesterday was the 1st international against Australia. We lost by a single point which was a little devastating as a very bad ref decision (the ref ran off the pitch after the whistle) in the World Cup last year against Australia saw us lose out on the semi-finals when we should have been in them. Needless to say the Scottish fans were looking for a win yesterday,

005) Sweet Potato Brownies have been my sweet tooth saviour this week. Surprisingly they kept very well. I've been advised I need to try Beetroot Brownies next (maybe once I am back).

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