Sunday, 2 October 2016

Life | This Week #052...


001) Well the first part of this week was spent recovering after Beast Race last weekend. Monday was sort of interesting at the gym to say the least....

002) Speaking of the gym, this week I finally got to try out some of the new releases: Body Combat, Body Balance, Sh'bam and Body Pump. Initial thoughts? Body Pump & Body Balance are incredible; Body Combat is good and sadly Sh'bam I'm still not convinced about but I'm going to persist with it as I generally love Sh'bam. I've still to try out Body Attack which should be a double dose for me next weekend...oops!

003) On Tuesday, I met up with some other Aberdeen bloggers and headed along to Bon Accord's annual student lock-in. I had arranged to meet the girls before the lock-in and as I went to meet them at Starbucks, the queues were already massive at 5pm. The event didn't start until 6.30pm....

004) On Wednesday, I got up in the early hours of the morning and headed down to Edinburgh for the day to meet up with some family - some who were up from England. It was really nice and although I was pretty shattered the next day, it was completely worth it as besides my Mum, I hadn't seen anyone else this year.

005) This week, I seem to have gone on a little shopping spree. At the student event, I picked up a pair of the Adidas Gazelles which have been on my wishlist for a while. In Edinburgh, I picked up a Yoga mat from Lululemon and a Yoga block from Sweaty Betty. Again, both items had been on my wishlist. Finally, my boots decided to go to boot heaven so on Thursday, I picked up a couple of new pairs to see me through Autumn/Winter.

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