Friday, 7 October 2016

Fitness | More Mile Cheviot 3 Off road trail shoes...


Signing up to Beast Race, I only had one thought on my mind: Footwear. Originally I was planning on wearing just normal gym trainers but after realising that my normal pair slip even on wet pavements (Aberdeen pavements are slippy), I decided to have a rethink.


Googling suitable footwear for obstacle course races, I expected to find nothing within my budget for Beast. Yes, there were many that were out of my budget but then I stumbled across a pair with amazing reviews and well within my budget. Too good to be true right?

More Mile Cheviot 3 are designed perfectly for OCR's. The deep tread allows for extra grip which is great for obstacles; they are light weight and the material allows water to drain out quickly. I found them particularly comfortable to wear during the Beast race to the point I actually forgot I had them on. One thing that I would note that if you are debating buying a pair, go for a size up as I did as I believe they are made a little bit on the small side.


Overall, I would highly recommend these which are a steal at under £30 from Amazon .I'm definitely going to be using these for going running with the dog and for future OCR's. On that note, I should probably get myself to the outdoor bootcamp I keep putting off...

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