Friday, 14 October 2016

Fitness | Lululemon 3mm Reversible Mat review...


Having been a Yoga convert for two years, I have used a variety of mats. It was only once my gym got some mats that were far too slippery for practice that I decided to invest in my own.

Originally, I bought one from TK Maxx which is brilliant but it is starting to get a little worn through practice. So when I was down in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit the Lululemon store and invest in a new one.


Lululemon has been a brand that I have been obsessed with this year (I posted a recent wishlist here).Their pieces are simply beautiful and good quality which is why I knew I had to get my mat from them.

After a little deliberation, I opted for the 3mm Reversible Mat with the Marble pattern. I chose the smaller thickness as it would be lighter for travelling between the gym and home.

The mat itself, as the name suggests, is reversible. On one side the material is rubber and the other side is much more of sponge-like material. Due to the material, the grip is phenomenal. I quite often do Body Pump before Body Balance and after spending an hour lifting heavy weights, my feet can be a little sweaty and the possibilities for sliding were endless. However, with this Lululemon one, I ain't going nowhere!

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