Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Blogging | What Blogging has taught me...


As you may have recently noticed, this lil' old space of mine recently turned 6 years old. Over this time, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of blogging. However, it has also taught me some important skills and life lessons.

So today I thought I would share with you some things that blogging has taught/given me:

Time-management skills: 

I work full-time, spend most evenings at the gym, socialise with friends, attend blogger events and run a blog with new posts 4 times a week so it's safe to say that I have little free time. Since I started blogging, I have learned to balance out my responsibilities and make use of any free time that I have to work on my blog. This could be using my tea break to schedule social media posts or use a lazy weekend day to push ahead with future posts.

Organisation skills:

I'm a Virgo so I like to know what is happening and when. Since I started blogging (and in particularly this year), I have had my content planned a month in advance. This has meant that I can see what posts are coming up and plan for shooting photos, writing content etc. It also has meant that I can slot in posts which need to go up as and when.

Improved writing skills:

Fun fact: I was never good at writing in school. As a blogger, you have to be the content creator, the editor, the photographer and much, much more. Due to this, I have had to rethink the way that I write and also take time when editing.

Increased Self-confidence:

I have found that since I have started blogging, my overall self-confidence has increased threefold. As a blogger, I have been fortunate enough to attend events and that has meant pulling on my big girl pants, going solo and introducing myself to brands and other bloggers.

Improved Photography skills:

I have always had an interest in Photography but I have found that this blog has really pushed my skills and the way that I plan my photos. Yes, I'm still no good at manual but I still try and learn all the time.

New friends :):

As mentioned above, I have been fortunate enough to attend events and that in turn has introduced me to some wonderful bloggers. The #abzmeet girls are some of the loveliest people I have met through blogging and it's lovely to have a group of people to chat about blogging for hours on end.

What has blogging taught you?


  1. Congratulations on your blog birthday! 6 years is pretty impressive as a lot of people give up after a while. I work full time too but I find it hard to time manage things for my blog, I take my hat off to those who do. I am going to make it my New Year resolution to plan them out more rather than just write something on the day. :)

  2. Blogging has taught me, that although I write my blog by myself, I am not alone. The blogging community is amazing - but there is a few thorns in the roses, not everyone is supportive.

    Planing is bloody important! When I fail to plan, I am planning to fail. Always.




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