Monday, 17 October 2016

Beauty | Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm...


Base products are something that I am a little picky about and never change. However, for some reason (make sure you're sitting down for this), I decided to go a little crazy and switch up one of my base products before my current one had run out.

Dr Jart are a Korean brand who are well-known in the beauty community for bringing out beauty products which are of an extremely high quality. I have never tried anything from this brand previously but as I had heard so much about them, I had high expectations and so I decided to try out their Water Fuse BB Cream.

BB creams are something that I have used in the past and with great results so I was really interested in seeing how well it performed.


So how did I get on?

Overall, I really liked this BB Cream. I found the coverage was light-medium which is exactly my personal preference and it lasted for a good length of time. In addition, I felt that a little product goes a long way which is also something I particularly look for in a base product.

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