Monday, 26 September 2016

Monthly Favourites | September...

September is pretty much over and done with and it was definitely a quick one. This month saw a focus on Health and Fitness with a mixture of recipes and fitness essentials. It also saw my blog turn the grand age of 6 (It's a Granny in blog years) and my first Obstacle Course Race.

Here is what I have been loving:

Beast Race:

This was my 1st Obstacle Race and I absolutely loved it! 10k with 20+ obstacles thrown in along the way - what could be more fun?

Nakd Bars:

This month I have been loving Nakd bars particular the Bakewell Tart flavour. I've found that these  bars are great to throw in my bag if I don't have any of my homemade energy balls to hand.

Homemade Energy Balls:

Energy balls have been my favourite snack to make this month. Quick, healthy and with very few ingredients involved, they are something that everyone should have a go at making,


This month I have been doing a 30-day Yoga Challenge and I think that I am slowly turning into a Yogi as I have absolutely been loving it!

Other things I have been loving:

Absolute Fashion: Inside British Vogue:

I found this BBC documentary a fascinating watch as it goes behind-the-scenes at British Vogue. It was interesting to see the work that goes into creating an issue.

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