Sunday, 25 September 2016

Life | This Week #051...


001) So the biggest news this week is that I completed (or tamed) the Banchory Beast Race which is something that has been on my to-do list for a couple of years. I really enjoyed myself and although today my body hurts like nothing I have felt before, it was completely worth it.

002) Yoga-wise I seem to have gone downhill a little. Thursday, Friday & Saturday I completely missed out on doing any sort of Yoga. Although saying that on Thursday I did do a foam rolling session instead in preparation for Beast.

003) On Friday evening, I took the night off from the gym and went to see Bridget Jones's Baby. I'm always really worried when a film has sequels as they are not always the best (unless it's Harry Potter) but this film is incredible. Well worth a watch.

This Week's Yoga Plans:

Sunday: Yoga for when you're sore (Yoga with Adriene)
Monday: Yoga for when you don't feel like doing Yoga (Bad Yogi)
Tuesday: Yoga for bedtime (Yoga with Adriene)
Wednesday: Yoga for Couch Potatoes (In Edinburgh most of the day)
Thursday: Yoga for when you feel run down (Bad Yogi)
Friday: Total Relaxation Flow (Bad Yogi)
Saturday: Body Balance

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