Sunday, 4 September 2016

Life | This Week #048...


001) First things first, this week was my birthday week and I turned the grand old age of 29. Help! It's been a really good week and I've been utterly spoiled by everyone, particularly in the gin department.

002) Speaking of birthdays, one of my friends hand-stitched my previous logo with the teacup as a present. It's absolutely beautiful.

003) On Sunday I was still at home, so we headed down to the Kelpies with the dog as it was a lovely day. It was absolutely packed with lots of tourists, families, couples etc which was lovely to see. Alfie had a whale of the time meeting all the other dogs and having a splash in the water. The only thing I regret is the fact I hadn't anticipated on the weather being so nice when I was at home so I was a little toasty.

004) This week I started the 30 day yoga challenge - 3 days in and it is going well. I'll have some new yoga plans at the end of this post so have a little read further down.

005) Apparently Beast Race is only 3 weeks away...I'm actually terrified.

Yoga Plans (30 Day Yoga Challenge):

Sunday: Yoga for Hangovers (Badyogi)
Monday: Yoga for great posture (Doyouyoga)
Tuesday: Yoga for Bedtime (Yoga with Adrienne)
Wednesday: Body Balance
Thursday: Standing Yoga for hips (Doyouyoga)
Friday: Evening Yoga (Doyouyoga)
Saturday: Body Balance or Morning Yoga Gentle Morning Sequence (Yoga with Adrienne)

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