Monday, 12 September 2016

Fitness | Healthy Cupboard Essentials...

When I first started examining my diet and nutrition, I had absolutely no idea of what kind of staple items that I should be storing in my cupboard. Therefore, I have decided to show you what my essentials are.


Rice Cakes:

Rice cakes are great for any time of day. I particularly like to have mine with Peanut Butter after the gym but I've heard that they are great with tuna too. In addition, they are a pretty cheap staple.


Peanut Butter:

My ultimate cupboard staple. I use it in everything: on rice cakes, on bagels, in cookies, in energy balls and on a spoon. I usually have a plain smooth jar lurking around in my cupboard, but I also love the various flavoured ones too and have a couple of them too.


Dark Chocolate:
Ok, so this is not 100% healthy but when I need something sweet and slightly naughty, I always reach for Dark Chocolate. Right now my favourite one is Lindt Lime Intense as it tastes exactly like the chocolate lime sweets. Lidl actually do a great selection of Dark Chocolate bars.



Dates have been described as nature's caramel and I can see why: sweet, sticky and great for sweet recipes. Personally, I use mine mainly in energy balls and always have some on hand for when that moment arises.



Nuts are one of the most versatile items that you can have in your cupboard. I always have a massive variety available particularly cashews which I use frequently. I use mine in energy balls, trail mix, on their own as a snack etc. The possibilities are endless.



Chickpeas are always in my cupboard. They are brilliant in stews, salads or even roasted with some spices as a healthy snack. They're pretty cheap too.

What are your healthy cupboard essentials?

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  1. I totally second the chickpeas!! Hurrah for homemade hummus!!


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