Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fitness | The 30 Day Yoga Challenge...

Pinch punch, first of the month and this month I am bringing you a full month of Health and Fitness related content as let's face it, I am obsessed with it!

Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to creating a better, more content version of myself and one of these ways that I have achieved this is through fitness. I find fitness to be a great stress reliever and I thoroughly enjoy it, however, I feel that my routine is very much strength and cardio based with a few Body Balance classes thrown in. Needless to say, I pick up injuries easily. Therefore, this month I am setting myself a challenge of doing a 30 day yoga challenge.

Why am I doing the 30 day Yoga Challenge?

There are actually a few reasons why I am doing this and the main one is seeing if it can help with injury prevention. In addition, I am intrigued to see the differences from day 1 - day 30 and whether my flexibility will increase. I am also seeing this as a personal challenge as I think it would be a good habit to get into and to see whether I will stick to it. I actually generally enjoy yoga-based classes when I do them so I am raring to go with this challenge.

What is involved?

On a Sunday, I'll post what my yoga plans are for the upcoming week in my weekly post. I will be using a combination of different resources to complete this challenge. I'll be using Youtube videos and flows from Pinterest but I also will be participating in taught classes. I already do Body Balance a couple of times a week and I go along to Fitness Yoga if my Zumba class is not on (I actually think there is a day that it is not on this month). 

This week:

Saturday - Body Balance class

Fancy joining me?

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  1. I love yoga but I really struggle with find the time to practice.. I'll attempt to follow the Adriene 30 days of yoga challenge this month and see if I can find a more regular groove. :)


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