Friday, 2 September 2016

Fitness | 3 Current favourite fitness inspirations...


Sometimes you need a little inspiration in the fitness world to motivate yourself, so today I am sharing 3 of my current favourites:

Dinner Stories:

Christy's blog is one where as soon as she has a new post up, I am there reading it (No joke!). She generally posts a mixture of lifestyle, fitness and food posts and always has amazing recommendations for places to visit too. Did I mention that she is a fellow Aberdeen blogger too?

Zanna Van Dijk:

I came across Zanna over on instagram and I am absolutely in awe of her. Not only is she a trained PT but she also forms a third of Girl Gains along with Tally and Vic. Zanna posts a mixture of food inspiration, fitness, travel and much, much more. One of the things I particularly love is how honest she is in her posts.

The Anna Edit (formerly Vivianna does Make-up):

Anna has been one of my favourite bloggers/vloggers for a very long time. I find her style refreshing and very relate-able. She posts a mixture of beauty, fashion, fitness, food and everything else in between. She is also very active on Youtube with numerous uploads per week and I would definitely recommend watching her vlogs. In addition, her snapchat (where there is a lot of fitness-based stuff) is also worth a follow too.

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  1. I love Anna's snapchat, its the best! I love how she doesn't show a filtered version of going to the gym, its pulling faces and sweaty hair and eating quickly in her car!


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