Monday, 19 September 2016

Brand Love | Lululemon...

As someone who has recently started to incorporate a daily dose of Yoga into my fitness routine, I have found myself looking much more regularly at Lululemon's website.

What I love about Lululemon is the array of products that they have available for both Men and Women. Their designs are stylish and practical with no stone left un-turned. 

So what do I love from their website?

This bag is the one bag on their website that you need in your life. With pockets for everything (including straps for your yoga mat) as well as a section for your laptop and sweaty clothes, there is no item that does not have a place. Besides the colour and practicalities, I also love that it has been tested to hold 22kg which, if I remember, is the weight that you can take in hold luggage on an aeroplane.

There is nothing worse than being relaxed and enjoying your Yoga class when all of a sudden you feel that your trousers are going the other way. I'm always slightly wary of this happening so I tend to wear something with a cord or something high-waisted like these ones.

This mat has featured a fair few times on this blog as I absolutely love them. Once my current Yoga Mat (not Lululemon) goes to mat heaven (it's on its way right now), I'm definitely going to purchase one. I'm not sure of the thickness or exact design that I'll get yet though.

Oh my, these are beautiful! For some reason, they remind me of a stained glass window. They are right up my street and I have a feeling you would struggle getting them off of me.

For me water bottles are not just for the gym. I use them all the time: in work, in the gym and even at home when I'm trying to up my water intake. They're invaluable to me which is why this one would make a welcome addition to my collection. 

This tank is absolutely beautiful with the contrasting pale blue top underneath and the twisted straps. It really would brighten up any of my workouts.

Having a sweat towel could be considered an essential but yet I still don't have one! Drawn to anything patterned and cute, I fell in love with this one. Small and perfect for fitting in my gym bag.

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