Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Life | This Week #047...


001) This week was a cheeky little short week at work which is exactly what I like. However, the 5 am start on Friday was not the brightest idea I ever had.

002) On Saturday I attended SFN Expo in Glasgow which was brilliant. I've been before but this time they had some Les Mills classes available so no surprise, I took part in Body Attack, Body Combat & Body Balance. I have no idea whether it was a change of environment, but I seemed to achieve a number of things without even noticing. Up dog on toes? Smashed.

003) My choice of lunch this week was spot-on: Turkey Burger and Spinach in a Harissa Bun. So good! Accompanied by Popcorn & Dark Chocolate (Lime Intense if you must know)

004) On Friday,after heading through from Glasgow, my Mum and I headed to one of my favourite places to eat in Falkirk: Tea Jenny's. We were actually early enough that they were still serving breakfast  and so for a change I had some waffles with bacon & maple syrup. Absolutely delicious!

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