Sunday, 14 August 2016

Life | This Week #045...


001) This week has been a tough one as I was working my first 5-day working week in a little while. It pretty much was to expected to be tough seeing as I've had a number of recent long weekends.

002) On Wednesday, I met my friend for lunch and we went to a gorgeous little place in Aberdeen called Cafe Parx. Small it may be, but the food was amazing. I had a gammon, pea & leek quiche which was served with a Quinoa based watermelon salad. SO good and pretty reasonable too.

003) This week the Olympics have been playing havoc with my sleeping pattern as it's on quite late and I keep thinking 'just a little bit more...'. Some of the events have been gripping - I really could not contain myself during the cycling to the point that my laptop almost ended up on the floor. Oops!

004) Instagram stories...What do you think? I am a snapchat user (find me over at ameyjaney) and I actually only discovered Instagram stories this morning. It is essentially the same thing but seeing as I follow more people on instagram than snapchat, I have more to watch. I'm undecided right now.

005) Remember the Chaophraya launch I briefly mentioned last week? Well, this week myself, Georgie from The Lipstick Daily and a couple of our friends were featured in the Evening Express as well as the Press and Journal. In one photo I look a little drunk and the other is fine - you can clearly tell which one was post-cocktail, haha.

006) I've spent a little time this week planning next month's content and I'm a little excited to be honest. I'm going to leave you hanging until September though...

007) Illamasqua nail varnish - epic!

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