Monday, 22 August 2016

Beauty | Make-up Mix #003...


Too much make-up and not enough places to put it is my problem! And therefore this is why I like to mix it up from time to time:

Unsurprisingly, my base products (Concealer. Foundation, Highlighter & Powder) have stayed exactly the same. The only difference in my base are the primers that I have been using. This time I am using three primers instead of one simply because I only have only a tiny bit left in each one. The primers that I am using this time are: Monu Illuminating Primer, DHC Clarifying Primer & Emite Diamond Primer.

Eye-wise, I still have my trusty MAC paintpot in Bare Study by my side, However, I have also pulled out my old faithful Urban Decay Naked Basics palette as well which is the perfect compact nude palette to take away travelling. In addition, my mascara is from Icona Milano which was a Glossybox find. It's apparently waterproof...we will see!

Finally my blush is one that I completely forgot that I owned and it is Maybelline's Dream Touch blush in the shade 02. It a cream based blusher and a lovely peachy shade.

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