Sunday, 31 July 2016

Life: This Week #043...

001) This week I have been obsessed with eating berries. I just cannot get enough of eating them and have been enjoying them either on their own or with some dark chocolate and some chocolate sauce. So good!

002) After weeks of watching, I am finally up-to-date with Pretty Little Liars - woohoo! If you have never seen it and you like Gossip Girl, you will absolutely love this! I have also watched both seasons of Degrassi: next class (each episode is 30 mins) which was also amazing. Right now, I have started to watch Gilmore Girls and I also still have a couple of seasons of Breaking Bad too. I clearly spend too much time watching Netflix...

003) This week has been a really good week fitness-wise. My shoulder seems to be behaving itself with the physio which is the best it has been in about a year. On Thursday in Body Pump, it felt good enough to be able to manage increases on several tracks....including a decent increase on shoulder track!

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