Sunday, 24 July 2016

Life: This Week #042...

001) Oh hello...first post in a week. You've probably noticed that there has been no new posts this week (completely unintentional I may add) as I decided to take a little time out. And to be honest, it has done me the world of good: I feel much more chilled and I have come away with heaps of new ideas.

002) Besides coming up with new ideas and such, I have also been planning something big for over here. I'm kind of excited but scared at the same time in case I screw it up, haha. Nothing is being revealed yet though!

003) This week I have also been blasting my way through Pretty Little Liars. At the moment, I am on season 7 episode 2, so I have almost caught up with the rest of the world.

004) Last weekend sooooo much was done on my flat. We got the cellar gutted, kitchen painted, skirting boards painted, bedroom gutted & wardrobe gutted. It feels really good to have got rid of a lot of stuff that was not being used. However, I still have some areas that need to be done though.

005) Today I sort of went sofa shopping...or to put it in better terms I fell in love with a sofa. So much so that I have been measuring up my living room to see if it would fit. And the best bit does!

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