Sunday, 17 July 2016

Life: This Week #041...

Double Peanut Butter Magnum - hello!

001) I'm going to get straight to the point and admit that I did download Pokemon Go this week. The only reason is that I used to spend hours when I was younger playing Pokemon Red. As it is so glitchy, I've actually hardly used it so we will see if it remains or not.

002) This week I tried out a few more Les Mills releases - Sh'bam & Combat. Not too sure on Combat at the moment but Sh'bam is incredible this time round. I get a little confused though as a couple of the tracks have been in Body Pump so instead of dancing, I want to lift...

003) In addition to the above, I also tried out Fitness Yoga (I'm having a Yoga moment right now) which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's completely different to your usual Yoga class and not choreographed in any way unlike Balance. I must have been working hard though as I couldn't feel my legs for 2 days...

004) Today I spent the day clearing out the cellar which was full of other people's stuff from about 20 years ago - tins of food, traffic cones. Absolutely all sorts.Safe to say that I feel a little bit gross now - it's not all glamour being a blogger!

005) I'm on Snapchat - find me at ameyjaney

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