Sunday, 10 July 2016

Life: This Week #040...

Some things I picked up earlier this week

001) Last week, I ended up going shopping with one of my friends and treated myself to some new basic pieces. Naturally it meant that I spent most of this week showcasing my new pieces.

002) Today was launch day for new Les Mills releases at my gym. As a massive fan of these classes, I was keen to try the new releases. As ever, the 3 I did earlier did not disappoint: Body Pump - tough but an amazing release; Body Balance - epic and Body Attack - lots of burpees for me to do (which I seem to like?)

003) Continuing with the fitness theme, I have signed up to try Fitness Yoga on Monday as my Zumba class isn't on (and I'm fussy with instructors). I'm pretty excited to try it as I'm trying to incorporate a bit more yoga/pilates into my life to balance out all the Body Pump/strength-based classed that I do.

004) Etsy. Do I need to say anymore?

005) This week coming I have a few days off of work and to be honest, I am excited! My plans consist of going to the gym through the day (already planning on more yoga classes) and blogging. I also have my parents and the dog up from Friday until Monday so I'll be doing some cleaning too. 

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