Friday, 17 June 2016

Reads: The Girl on the Train...

If there has been a single book that has gripped me so far in 2016, then it is definitely 'The Girl on the train' by Paula Hawkins. Set in the outskirts of London, it follows commuter Rachel as she unintentionally gets caught up in the lives of the people  that she watches from inside the train.

Overall, l absolutely loved this book and honestly I could not put it down. Admittedly at the start, it was a little confusing from the perspective it has been written but the further you read, the more it makes sense. I liked that there was not an overload of characters like some novels I have previously read. I also liked that the characters were those you can identify with. In addition, I also loved the plot twist...

Generally, if you love reading crime or thrillers, you will definitely love reading this!

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