Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Interiors: Drawer transformation...


One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is trail around vintage/antique places for unique items for my flat. I'm lucky that in Cullen (where my Dad grew up), there are a variety of shops like these where I can spend a hour or two having a little look.

One day when I was up there, I came across this set of drawers which, lets face it, needed a little TLC. It was a horrible green, smelled slightly funny due to sitting in a shed (it doesn't now) and had patches of damp. They weren't that expensive (£30 I think) and so really if anything went wrong, I really didn't have much to lose minus £30 (which could probably easily be spent on a night out)

First of all I sanded them all down (which led to a lot of green dust). Once sanded, I removed the old handles (not really salvageable), filled in the holes from the old handles and then set to work painting. Several coats later, the painting was done and then I added a clear coat of varnish purely to protect the surface. After that, I added the new handles and some drawer liners that I received as a Christmas present one year and never used.

The finished product:



Have you ever revamped old furniture?


  1. Wow, your DIY is impressive, great job, it looks beautiful! The liner is so pretty too :-)

  2. Well done it's amazing the difference a bit of paint and new handles can do! Also the drawer liners are a really cute touch.

    I'm moving soon and you've really inspired me to give this a go once I've settled in.

    Abi x


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