Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Monthly Favourites: June...

Blink and the month has gone just like that. To be honest, I can't remember much of what happened in June: I think work, gym and blog pretty much sums it up. It's insane how quick it has gone.

Anyway, here are June's cream of the crop:


Stanley Kitchen Timer:

This is probably one of the best things that I have ever bought from Cath Kidston. I use it all the time when I'm cooking and most of the time it tends to hang out in my living room (oops!). It's probably the cutest timer that I have ever seen as well.


Mini Milks:

A childhood favourite which I had forgotten all about until I saw them in Tesco. At only 30 cal each, it was a bit rude to not pick them up. They still taste exactly the same as they did when I was 6 years old.

Bee Good Moisturiser:

This moisturiser was featured in a recent Glossybox and once I tried it there was no going back. It's described as a 'plump and firm' moisturiser and let me tell you my skin feels incredible after using it. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to use it later on.

Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liquor:

Another month, another Gin....well technically last month was a Gin tour. I'm still raving about Edinburgh Gin, honestly I cannot get enough (If you ever need an official Gin taster, then I am your girl...). Their Elderflower Liquor is absolutely divine mixed either with tonic (Fever tree is the best) or lemonade. Refreshing and the perfect summer drink for those summer nights.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Brand Love: New Look Fitness...

The problem with being a fitness fanatic like myself is that it can get a little on the expensive side. Thankfully, the High Street has started to sit up and listen and so some brands are starting to do their own fitness ranges at more affordable prices.

New Look is one of my go-to shops for my wardrobe and recently their fitness stuff has been getting a massive thumbs up from me. The products not only look incredible but they wash repeatedly well. They are also great value for money.

Definitely worth a look if you're looking to update your fitness wardrobe on a budget!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Life: This Week #038...


Some 'Yarn bombing' that I came across on the way home from the gym

001) This week has been particularly bad food-wise. I have honestly had far too much of the sweet, naughty stuff and not enough of the healthy stuff. Work in particular has been a distraction.

002) OITNB: What can I say? Season 4 was absolutely fantastic and I can't wait until season 5....which I'm going to have to wait another year for.

003) At work I spend a lot of time looking at properties for sale and I think I'm turning towards the minimalist look. My flat is fairly small with little storage and so it appears a little cluttered. To be honest, there is probably about a third of it that can go out (particularly in my wardrobe...), it's just the whole getting started thing...

004) Smoothie bowls. So good!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Favourite recipe inspiration...

Eating the  same foods day in, day out gets a little boring. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for new ideas particularly for work lunches as I like to have something fun to look forward to.

Some of my current favourite inspirations are as follows:

Crumb - Ruby Tandoh:

Crumb is perhaps the best baking book that I own: inventive and full of yummy treats. This is one that I refer to particularly if I'm looking to make a yummy treat for my work colleagues. You can find my full review on the book here 

Deliciously Ella/Deliciously Ella Every Day:

I am a massive fan of Ella and I really wished that I lived much closer to visit the Mae Deli. Full of healthy recipes that all your family can enjoy, Ella has made people connect with eating healthily again. Out of the two books, I prefer the 2nd one (Deliciously Ella Every Day) as I find that the recipes are much more accessible and more to my personal taste.

Hemsley Hemsley:

The Hemsley sisters book that I have is packed full with delicious, healthy recipes but they do seem to require a lot of ingredients. Amount of ingredients aside, the recipes are very tasty and there are a huge variety to pick from. I particularly like the Feta and Black Bean Burgers and someone I know swears by the bone broth. The Hemsley sisters actually have another book out which I have not yet picked up but it looks amazing! On a side note, they have a tv show and the final two episodes are still on 4OD if you want to catch-up. It's a must-see!

This book literally has all bases covered: from Sunday lunches to picnics and to work lunches. Admittedly, I haven't made anything from this one yet but I have bookmarked a lot to try. Up on my current list are: Puy Lentil, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Salad; Peach & Butternut Salad and Rainbow Salad  with Roasted Vegetables.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Eats: Sweet Potato, Sausage and Bean Pie...


When the weather is as bad as it has been recently, there is nothing like some comfort food to lift your spirits. Growing up, my Dad always used to make Sausage & Bean Pie for dinner and now whenever I have it, I am reminded of my childhood.

Sausage and Bean pie is very simple to make and takes no time at all. My Dad normally makes his with normal potato but as I had Sweet Potatoes, I decided to switch it up a little.


You will need:

500g Sausagemeat
Large tin of baked beans (415g)
2 large sweet potatoes


001) Preheat the oven to the temperature specified on the packet of sausage meat.
002) Cook the sausage meat in an oven proof dish as per instructions on packet (usually around 25 mins)
003) While the sausage meat is cooking, peel the sweet potatoes and then boil them in a pan of water until suitable for mashing.
004) Once the sausage meat is cooked, drain off any juice and once the potatoes are suitable for mashing, remove from the heat and mash.
005) Add the beans on top of the sausage meat followed by the mashed potato.
006) Put the dish back into the oven for a further 10-15 minutes.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Trend Report #006: The Sneakers...

Sneakers/trainers or whatever you want to call them are one of those trends which never, ever goes away. They are the perfect comfort shoes for brunching, for lazy weekends and for adding a casual vibe to an outfit.

Being a fitness fan, I am in trainers a lot of the time. However, mine look ridiculous (mainly because they are so bright) when teamed with a casual outfit. So naturally I'm on the hunt for some new kicks.

Black Glittery Slip On Plimsolls - £22.00

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Life: This Week #037...

001) The start of the week saw some amazing weather and so on Monday (when I was off work), I took advantage and spent some time in the garden doing absolutely nothing but read my book. It was awesome!

002) The rest of the week was miserable and I got drenched a ridiculous amount of times even though I had waterproof clothing on. There always seemed to be a downpour just as I stepped outside...

003) On Saturday, I unintentionally managed to do firefly on my toes during Body Balance. I actually found it easier on my toes than my knees...

004) I love baking but I seem to have had a double-baking fail today.Something tasted horrible and the other, I'm not so sure about. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Reads: The Girl on the Train...

If there has been a single book that has gripped me so far in 2016, then it is definitely 'The Girl on the train' by Paula Hawkins. Set in the outskirts of London, it follows commuter Rachel as she unintentionally gets caught up in the lives of the people  that she watches from inside the train.

Overall, l absolutely loved this book and honestly I could not put it down. Admittedly at the start, it was a little confusing from the perspective it has been written but the further you read, the more it makes sense. I liked that there was not an overload of characters like some novels I have previously read. I also liked that the characters were those you can identify with. In addition, I also loved the plot twist...

Generally, if you love reading crime or thrillers, you will definitely love reading this!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Beauty: Favourite face masks...

For me face masks have always been the icing on the cake skincare-wise. I think even from an early age when I was starting to become interested in skincare and make-up, I used to buy face masks on those precious early days when my parents started to let me go shopping solo with my friends.

Over the years, the brands and types that I use have varied and rightly so. I've become more accustomed to higher end skincare brands such as Origins and less of the one-use £1.99 jobs which I used to use when I was about 11 (I do still use them from time to time and I like them). Fair enough, I didn't have my own source of income when I was that young and so the single use ones were ideal.

The brands that I tend to come back to time and time again are Origins, Good Things and The Body Shop. Simply because I love them.



Origins Drink-up Intensive:

This mask is an overnight mask which I use before bed (not every day). What I love about this mask is I do not need to take it off within a certain amount of time. In general, it's lazy beauty at its finest. This mask leaves my skin feeling incredibly plump and moisturised.

Good Things Five Minute Facial:

This mask not only smells incredible but it contains lots of goodies in it to make your skin feel incredible: Green Clay, Avocado Oil and Kaolin to name a few. It is also paraben-free and suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians. Clay masks are actually one of my favourite types of masks to use as I love the feeling after it has been removed.

Origins Clear Improvements:

Looks scary, right? Actually it's not that bad. This mask contains Charcoal (hence the black), White China Clay and Lecithin. The main aim for this one is to draw out any impurities below the surface which are clogging up the skin leading to break outs. I wouldn't recommend you use this one if you're expecting someone at the door - they may run away!

Good Things Blemish Control:

This one is similar to the one above in regards to the purpose. However, this one contains Witch Hazel and Willow Bark extract. Like the Five Minute Facial, this also contains no parabens and is suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask:

Forming part of The Body Shop Drops of Youth range, this mask is an overnight mask similar to Origins Drink-up intensive. It comes in the biggest jar you have ever seen for a face mask and its gel-like consistency means that you hardly have to use a drop. This mask leaves my skin feeling super smooth and dare I say it....bouncy!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Currently Coveting #005: The Oliver Bonas edit...

When I am not browsing either Fashion or Beauty, then there is a very good chance that I am looking at interiors. One of my most recent obsessions is Oliver Bonas who, coincidentally, have just opened up a brand new store in Aberdeen (sorry bank balance!)

I am still very much into the Copper and Marble trends which have been on the High Street for a little while. I am also still a massive fan of anything that is wire like the ampersand (which I have been looking at for my hallway) and anything with letters on it.

Here are my current picks from Oliver Bonas:

Marble Tray £24.00 *

*couldn't find the link!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Life: This Week #36...


001) On Sunday, my parents and the dog popped around for lunch on their way home from Cullen. As it was a gorgeous day (unlike today), we sat outside and enjoyed a healthy-ish lunch of quiche and salad and maybe accompanied by an alcoholic drink...

002) Last week I ordered some things from Myprotein which arrived last Sunday. In my order, I had ordered some samples of different whey flavours: Banoffee, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Caramel. The verdict? Banoffee and Chocolate Caramel really good; Sticky Toffee and Salted Caramel not so much.

003) This week, I have fallen in love with a new moisturiser from Bee Good which I picked up in last month's Glossybox .I have been loving it that much that I think it may have already wormed its way into June Favourites.

004) I have a confession to make: I am a peanut butter addict. This week I have really been enjoying eating peanut butter on rice cakes after the gym. I'm not sure what it is but I find the combo pretty tasty and yesterday I added a further two nut butters to my collection.

005) Fitness-wise, my shoulder injury has returned once again so it's back down to lighter weights and low options for me.Boo. I'm off work tomorrow so hopefully I can arrange a Dr's appointment to try and get it sorted out.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Eats: Peanut Butter & Choc Chip cookies...


The other week I was looking for new ideas for work to satisfy my 3pm tea break sweet craving and I came across this recipe for Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies. As someone, who is a massive fan of both, what's not to love?

You will need:

1 cup Peanut Butter (I used smooth)
2/3 cup Dark Brown Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla essence
2 eggs
2/3 cup Oats
1 tsp Baking Powder
2/3 cup Chocolate chips


001) Preheat oven to 180c.
002) Mix both the Oats and the Baking Powder into one bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar, Eggs and Vanilla until smooth. I used an electric mixer for this to save a little time (and more than likely to satisfy my lazy side...)
003) Mix the bowl with the Oats and the Baking Powder into the Peanut Butter mixture bowl. Fold in the Chocolate Chips (I actually used Cacao nibs as I had some in the cupboard)
004) Roll the mixture into balls, place on the baking tray and flatten a little on the top.
005) Bake for around 15 minutes (until golden brown) and then place on a cooling rack.
006) Enjoy!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide...

I don't know about you but my Dad is soooo difficult to buy for: his usual response is 'I don't want anything'. Really useful especially when his birthday is always so close to Father's Day.

So if you're a little stuck for ideas, here are a few I've come across in my search of the interwebs:


Black Formal Mix Socks £12.00
Edinburgh Gin 70cl Glass Set £40.00
Pewter English Pewter Trout Whisky Tumbler £19.00

Monday, 6 June 2016

Beauty: Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review...


Having a good foundation is something that is really quite important. Generally, I am not fussed whether it is High Street or High end. As long as it does what it is supposed to do then I am happy.

Bourjois have always delivered the goods for me particularly in base products. So when I saw that they launched a brand new foundation called City Radiance, I had to give it a go.

City Radiance Foundation is designed to reduce dullness, improve radiance and allow your skin to breathe. It is also available in 6 different shades (I am shade 01) and is budget friendly at £9.99.

It sounds good, but how did it really shape up?

Overall, I generally like the foundation. The coverage is light to medium which is perfect for me and I found that it lasted all day. However, a small negative that I found was that the foundation stuck to dry patches if my skin was not prepared properly.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation is available on the High Street for £9.99

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Life: This Week #035...

001) This week has seen the much welcome return of the warm weather. Unfortunately, I have not seen much of it due to working but I have been making up for it this weekend with a mini barbecue yesterday and then lunch outside today with my parents.

002) I finally managed to finish reading 'Girl on the Train'. Oh was good! I'm not going to go into too much detail as I will have a little review coming up soon but yes, it's worthwhile. I've now moved onto Stuart McBride  'The Missing and the Dead'.

003) Yesterday, I headed along to Norwood Hall for afternoon tea with some work colleagues. Once we had eventually figured out what we were eating (no-one told us what everything was), it was actually ok. What would have made it better was if we could have sat outside as it was such a glorious day.

004) Last weekend, I made some Peanut Butter & Choc chip cookies and they were actually pretty tasty. I'll be posting the recipe very soon so keep your eyes open for that especially if you're a peanut butter fiend like me!

005) On Monday, I booked my ticket for the SFN Expo in August. I went last year and it was brilliant but this year they have some Les Mills classes that you can participate in. I am booked in for Body Attack, Body Combat & Body Balance (pretty much a normal Saturday for me in the gym!). Anyone else heading down?

Friday, 3 June 2016

Eats: Homemade Guacamole...


I love a bit of Guacamole: on Fajitas, with Tortilla chips or simply with some warm Pitta bread cut into strips. Usually I buy it however, after a trip to my friend's house where she made some homemade Guacamole, it was that good that I had to give it a go.

I used Jamie Oliver's recipe as a rough guideline but adjusted it to suit my taste.

So here is what I used:

4 Avocados (makes a lot of guac)
1/2 small red onion
6 Cherry tomatoes
Juice of 2 limes
A little olive oil
Salt & Ground Black Pepper

001) Chop the onion into very fine pieces.
002) Into a bowl, mash up the avocado (I found that a potato masher worked wonders)
003) Chop the cherry tomatoes into small pieces and add into the bowl along with the onion.
004) Add in the juice of 2 limes, a little olive oil and mix everything together.
005) Add Salt & Ground Black Pepper for taste.
006) Enjoy!

And there you have it, Homemade Guacamole. Simples.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Interiors: Drawer transformation...


One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is trail around vintage/antique places for unique items for my flat. I'm lucky that in Cullen (where my Dad grew up), there are a variety of shops like these where I can spend a hour or two having a little look.

One day when I was up there, I came across this set of drawers which, lets face it, needed a little TLC. It was a horrible green, smelled slightly funny due to sitting in a shed (it doesn't now) and had patches of damp. They weren't that expensive (£30 I think) and so really if anything went wrong, I really didn't have much to lose minus £30 (which could probably easily be spent on a night out)

First of all I sanded them all down (which led to a lot of green dust). Once sanded, I removed the old handles (not really salvageable), filled in the holes from the old handles and then set to work painting. Several coats later, the painting was done and then I added a clear coat of varnish purely to protect the surface. After that, I added the new handles and some drawer liners that I received as a Christmas present one year and never used.

The finished product:



Have you ever revamped old furniture?