Sunday, 8 May 2016

Life: This Week #031...

001) This week I finished the new season of Kimmy Schmidt and I also finally started  watching Breaking Bad. I'm really enjoying it so far.

002) Fitness-wise, this week has been very good. In Body Pump, I increased my squat weight by a few kilos as well as changing up my tricep weight. I also maintained all my usual weights for the rest of the tracks. Woop!

003) On Wednesday, I attended a blogger event at the Bon-Accord & St Nicholas Centre. It was a great evening catching up with bloggers and having a chat to brands who based in the centre. Ness, in particular, had a gorgeous set-up.

004) In connection to the above, I popped along to Clarins on Saturday for a mini facial/consultation with my friend. It was absolutely incredible and it's safe to say that I've now got my eye on a few of their skincare products.

005) On Saturday, I also popped down to Union Square for their 'Your 5' event. Here, they were providing fashion and beauty consultations. Originally I was booked in for the beauty one but I also had a fashion one too. Once again, I spotted pieces that I wanted to buy.

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