Monday, 18 April 2016

Life: This Week #028...


001) This week I tried out the remainder of the new Les Mills releases - Body Combat & Sh'bam. Body Combat 67 is a good 'un...and quite possibly better than 66 (which was my favourite in the 2 years I have been doing it).

002) On Sunday, I prepped a whole load of food for the week ahead: Sweet Potato Tattie Scones, baked egg cups, Gingerbread energy balls (recipe coming soon) and Turkey Bolognaise. Usually I use Beef  for bolognaise but decided to try Turkey as it has a higher protein content.

003) Speaking of protein, I have once again become obsessed with MyProtein Impact Whey Protein for after a workout .I am currently using the Chocolate Mint flavour but once it is used up, I am going to be placing another order and trying out some new products. I also think I'm going to order a couple of generic flavours for baking and such.

004) Changing the subject, this week I have concocted in my head a high street beauty wishlist the size of a small house (no joke). I have not been on a beauty spree in over a year and there are some exciting products that I wish to try.

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