Sunday, 24 April 2016

Life: This Week #029...


001) This week my nutrition has been all over the place due to being away last weekend and not doing an online food shop. Note to self: always do an online food shop.

002) On Tuesday, I attended an event at Hotter with some other bloggers. This brand is truly something special and is suited to everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on this event soon.

003) Everyone and their dog has been going on about Line of Duty on BBC 2 and I'm a sucker for getting pulled into watching things that other people rave on about. So....I started to watch it earlier today and season 1 is already finished.

004) This week, my new gloves that I ordered for Body Pump arrived and I have been trying them out. Let's just say that what I think about them isn't at all bad and I will do a full review soon.

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