Sunday, 10 April 2016

Life: This Week #027...


001) On Friday, I perhaps ate the best burrito that I have ever eaten at Food Story here in Aberdeen. I have an upcoming post planned so I can tell you more about it then :).

002) Today I decided that I would finally take on the triple class challenge at my gym (it's not an official thing but a number of regulars do the Saturday triple and they always ask when I'm doing it) and it was really good but I was absolutely starving by the time I came home. It was also the day that the new Les Mills releases were released.This morning I did Body Pump, Body Balance & Body Attack - all brilliant and challenging as usual. 

003) This week, due to multiple near face plant attempts using the new mats at my gym for Body Balance, I purchased a yoga mat. I did post it on Instagram but in case you missed it, it is a pink Aztec design. I've used it a couple of times and I have not slipped once! Best money that I've spent.

004) My tastebuds seem to be changing - I normally love Sainsbury's Jam doughnuts but I had some fresh ones last week and well...they didn't taste good to me (and not in the off way). In addition, I have thoroughly been enjoying my Quark bowls....a lot! Naughty treats not tasting good and healthy treats tasting amazing...something is off with this sweet treat lover.

005) This week, I have also been attempting to get in a little yoga before work in the morning. I managed it on a couple of occasions. As I do a lot of classes through the week (can be up to 14 classes), I feel that having a little extra time set aside each day to stretch out (and improve my flexibility) will benefit me in the long run.

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