Monday, 11 April 2016

Interiors: Bathroom transformation...



When I moved into my flat a number of years ago, one of the worst rooms was my bathroom. It clearly hadn't been updated in a number of years; it was a horrific blue (my fireplace in my living room was actually the same colour as the bathroom wall and light cord) and it was just....gross...even when I cleaned it.

Fast forward a couple of years, I decided that it was finally time for a change. I enlisted the help of a local company to carry out the renovations to something that was much more my taste. As the bathroom is pretty small, I decided that the bath had to be ripped out as it took up too much space and instead I opted to go for a larger shower across the back of the room. As much as a bath would be beneficial to me (to try out all of Lush's bath bombs of course...that's the only reason people have a bath, right?), it wasn't practical in regards to the size of the room. I also decided that the heater needed to be switched to a towel rail (again another much more practical option).


My inspiration for the colour scheme in this room came simply from a jug I bought at Dunelm. I know I didn't want anything too bright or too dark as this room has no windows in it. I also wanted the colour to be something that would fit in with a vintage theme.




The shelf in the bathroom was actually something my parents bought at an auction many moons ago. As it was gathering dust at theirs, I swiped it (with their permission) and cleaned it up and applied a clear coat of varnish to it.

Copper accessories are one of my favourite recent interior trends - I just cannot get enough of them! The large basket with the towels in sitting on the toilet is from TK Maxx and it was a complete bargain when I bought it (clearance section). It is the perfect size to hold all of my towels. The two smaller copper baskets are both from H&M home (one of my favourite places for interiors) and at the moment they are remaining empty. The final copper piece that I have in my bathroom are the set of pots which are from Tiger.

In my bathroom, I also have a collection of glass objects. Most of these were either gifts or picked up in the most random places. The duck was a present from my parents and as I didn't know where to put it, into my bathroom it went - I actually like it in there.

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