Friday, 25 March 2016

What's in my bag...

Even though I have been blogging for near enough 6 years, I still cannot get enough of 'What's in my bag' posts. As I recently bought a new bag, I thought it was only fair that I show you the current contents of my bag.

This is my recent bag addition. It is Topshop's Large Crosshatch Shopper which is a bargain at £29.00. It is fairly large and I use it for everything. Inside, it has also has an additional detachable pouch, which could also be used by itself.

And here is what I keep in my bag:

001) Work ID
002) Pen (My favourites are always from Paperchase)
003) Soap and Glory Hand Food
004) Tissues
005) Cath Kidston Card Holder
006) Katy Perry Perfume (not sure which one it is)
007) Topshop 'Falling Fast' Lipstick
008) Carmex
009) Nike Training Gloves (I use these for Body Pump but keep them in my handbag as otherwise I would lose them somewhere...)
010) Glasses (Mine are the Carmen ones from Boots' own range but these are similar)
011) Headphones (these are Apple standard issue ones)
012) Phone Charger (I never leave the house without this)
013) Quay Australia Sunglasses (I previously reviewed these here)
014) Black pouch (This is from Forever 21 and I use it for keeping medication in it)
015) Bobble Hat (The weather is still unreliable)
016) iPhone 6S
017) Black Gloves
018) Mini Hairbrush (as a large is too large!)
019) Camera (This is a panasonic Lumix)
020) Umbrella
021) Purse (This one is from Warehouse - sadly no longer available)

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