Monday, 7 March 2016

Monthly Favourites: February...

I blinked and it's now March. How on earth did that happen? February seemed to pass so quickly that I hardly had time to breathe which means now it's over, it is time for the Monthly Favourites.


Nike Legend Backpack:

I first featured this back in January in a wishlist post . I couldn't stop thinking about it so I placed an order and I have been loving it ever since. It is deceptively big and great for those days that I go straight from work to the gym (like Mondays). Well worth the money and the best's waterproof.


Origins Ginzing Brightening Mascara:

With Origins being one of my favourite skincare brands ,I never expected to love their make-up as much as their skincare. Honestly, this mascara is incredible and it has been a firm favourite during February. I am definitely going to get round to purchasing the full size at some point.


Ceylon Tea:

I am a tea lover (no surprise there from the name of my blog) and somehow I ended up with some Ceylon Tea. As I'm trying to use up some of my herbal teas before buying new ones (famous last words!), I started to drink it with some milk....and I really like it!


Nike Training Gloves:

I do around 4-5 sessions of Body Pump per week and as a result my hands are getting sections of hard skin on them. I've since started to wear these gloves (which were a Christmas present) to see if they make any difference to my hands. So far I like them, but I have just been eyeing up another pair on the Nike website.

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