Sunday, 27 March 2016

Life: This Week #025...


001) First of all Happy Easter to you all. I am hoping that you are having a wonderful long weekend with your friends and family. I'm having quite a quiet one where I am focusing on my blog, the jobs that never get done and my 2nd home, the gym.

002) If you haven't seen it already, yesterday I posted about living with Epilepsy. This was pretty hard to write, like all personal posts are, as I essentially came clean about everything.

003) This week, I seem to have been watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars and I'm now halfway through season 1. It's just one of those shows which has you completely hooked from the word go.

004) With Easter being this weekend, my eating habits this week have been dreadful - all I want is Easter Chocolate. It probably didn't help that I made Mini Egg Rocky Roads last weekend.However, I did take the majority of them into the office. Tomorrow I am going to be back on track.

005) On Tuesday, I went on a Union Square Supper Safari. It was absolutely amazing and brilliant to catch-up with everyone. Is it me or does time just fly by at blogger events as you're too busy chatting and having fun?

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