Sunday, 20 March 2016

Life: This Week #024...


001) it really the middle of March? I'm clearly having too much fun this year as time is just flying by. Or am I just getting older?

002) On Tuesday, I went back to Cue Barbecue with my friends. Still loved it this time around although I think I may have ordered slightly too much. I'll know for next time! You can see my post all about it here .

003) This week, I also treated myself to a new black tote bag from Topshop which will be featuring in an upcoming blog post. I absolutely adore it as I can fit practically anything in it.

004) In addition, I also attended a cocktail making event at Revolution Bar in Aberdeen earlier on today. It was absolutely amazing and I think everyone picked a different cocktail to make. We were also treated to samples of their food from their menu which was all really tasty (and very filling!).

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