Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Life: This week #023...

Alfie doing what Alfie does best - getting wet and muddy!

001) This week I seem to have spent the majority of the time hoarding a nasty chest infection. It seems to be going now although I did dramatically cut down my gym classes this week to allow for it to improve.

002) On Monday, I popped along to Yo! Sushi to try out their new Tokyo menu. It is actually very delicious and my favourite was definitely the ramen noodle salad.

003) This weekend I have been at home primarily for the 6 nations rugby match between Scotland and France. Safe to say, I was extremely happy that Scotland won - the atmosphere inside Murrayfield was absolutely electrifying and the French supporters were really good fun to be around too.

004) Late to the party (as ever), but this week I have just started watching 'Pretty Little Liars'. I am absolutely loving it so far and it seems to have replaced the 'Gossip Girl' shaped hole in my life.

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