Sunday, 6 March 2016

Life: This Week #022...

Parents took Alfie over to see me :)

001) First things first, this weekend has mainly been spent in my pyjamas due to catching some sort of cold/cough just in time for the weekend. Yuck! It's the worst that I have felt in a long time.

002) When I wasn't coughing up various parts of my body (tmi!), on Saturday I went along to an open day that my gym was running. I was originally booked for 4 Les Mills classes (Sprint, Sh'bam, Combat & Balance), but sadly had to cancel Sprint (aka the one that I really wanted to try) as I thought I would probably end up dying on the bike as it is a HIIT class. Boo! The rest of it was pretty awesome though!

003) At the moment I am trying to sort out my nutrition and my current goal is to sort out my snacks etc. Problem is I have such a sweet tooth, so any suggestions for healthy snacks that would satisfy my sweet tooth would be greatly appreciated. Frozen grapes is one idea that I'm going to do.

004) I'm always looking for ideas for new content for here and recently I've found that I have been drawn a lot more to outfit posts. It's never something that I have actively done but I think once I sort out my wardrobe (which let's face it is pretty much a gym wardrobe and a work wardrobe right now...) it may be an avenue for exploration...

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