Monday, 28 March 2016

Eats: Union Square Supper Safari...

Going out for food and drink is definitely top of my list for something to do on the weekend. With Aberdeen boasting such a huge variety of places to eat and drink, it is very easy to forget what restaurants we actually have.

Last week, I attended a Supper Safari in Union Square along with some of my fellow Aberdeen bloggers. Intrigued? So was I.

To get things started, our 1st stop on the safari was Las Iguanas for a cocktail/mocktail where we were tasked with the difficult decision of choosing a cocktail from their extensive menu. As I am (still) obsessed with anything that has mango in it, I opted to go for the Mango Collins. This cocktail contains Mango Vodka, triple sec, orange and mango juice and finished off with lemonade. Delicious!


Cocktails devoured we then moved on a short distance to Yo! Sushi. I absolutely adore sushi and it is one of my favourite things to eat particularly when I'm out with the girls. In the past month or so Yo! Sushi have launched a brand new menu with some exciting new additions. I went for both the Hoisin Duck rolls along with the Buta No Kakuni which is slow-braised pork belly. Both of these dishes were full of flavour and ones that I highly recommend you try.



Buta No Kakuni


Hoisin Duck Rolls

Our next stop on the Union Square Supper Safari was Byron Burger. With bloggers all over the UK raving about Byron, it is safe to say that I was pretty excited to finally try it out. The menu at Byron is pretty simple but it works. I chose to go for their Cheeseburger with Cheddar Cheese and a banana milkshake (the milkshakes come with an option to make it an over-18 milkshake too). We also had some sweet potato fries to share on the table. One thing that is worth mentioning about Byron is that they let you choose how you like your burger (Well done for me, if you're curious).





Our last and final stop on this safari was Carluccios for dessert. I have been to Carluccios before but admittedly never had anything from their dessert menu as I'm usually too full from previous courses. However, after having a look at their menu, I picked the Melon and Lemon sorbet and let me tell you, that was absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be back for more.


 Massive thanks to both Union Square and Brad for organising such a wonderful event. 

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