Monday, 21 March 2016

Eats: Mini Egg Rocky Roads...

With Easter being just a bunny hop away (sorry!), it only seems right that some Easter baking makes an appearance right? As my favourite type of Easter Chocolate is Mini Eggs, I decided to look for a recipe that I could incorporate them into...and Mini Egg Rocky Roads was the winner.

You will need:

600g Milk Chocolate
300g Mini Eggs
180g Mini Marshmallows
300g Digestives

001) Melt the Chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.
002) In a separate bowl, crush the digestive biscuits using a rolling pin (or something similar). Make sure that you don't crush them too much as you still want a little bit of a crunch.
003) Once crushed, add in the marshmallows and 3/4 of the Mini Eggs.
004) Add the melted Chocolate and stir until combined.
005) Pour into a baking tray and decorate with the remaining Mini Eggs.
006) Leave to set and once enjoy!

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