Thursday, 31 March 2016

Beauty: Make-up Mix #001...

I like make-up and I own a fair amount. However, I am a creature of habit and once I find some products that I truly love, I don't want to let them go and very rarely switch up my routine. As I would like to experiment a little bit more with my make-up, I have decided to switch it around from time to time.

Here is what I am currently using:






With bases, I am particularly fussy. I like my Foundation to be natural looking; I like my concealer to do the job it is meant to do and I like my powder to be matte. So I very rarely budge from my winning combination. Currently I am loving Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer, Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer.




Eyes change a lot depending on where I am going and what I am doing. I'm still using my Origins Ginzing Brightening Mascara which I still adore, however, I have switched up my beloved MAC paintpot for Benefit's World Famous nude palette particularly 'RSPV' (top left pot) and 'thanks a latte'


Sometimes I use a few other products on my face as well. This time I have opted to use MAC's Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Stereo Rose' (limited edition) to add a little colour to my face. With lips I don't tend to wear anything religiously - it is much more as and when depending what I am up to.

What have you been wearing recently?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Monthly Favourites: March...

Chocolate devoured and clocks have gone forward, it must mean that it's the end of March and time for the monthly favourites.


Lindt Lime Intense:

Have you ever had chocolate lime sweeties? Well this dark chocolate from Lindt tastes exactly like them and it is something that I have absolutely been loving it this month. Perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon.



I have fond memories when I was a child of going to the cinema (old style - no cineworld/vue/odeon back then) and getting treated to a carton of smarties for during the movie. For an unbeknown reason, I hadn't had them for years and now recently I seem to have picked up a slight addiction for them.


Topshop Falling Fast lipstick:

I love lipstick although I only tend to wear it when I'm not at work or at the gym. It doesn't mean that I don't own a fair few though. Topshop is one of my favourite high street brands for lipstick and 'Falling Fast' is one of my new favourites. A beautiful, but subtle red.


Topshop Tote Bag:

This was a new addition earlier this month. It is a simple design and pretty much holds all the rubbish I need to carry on a day-to-day basis. If you're feeling nosey, you can see what I keep in my bag in an earlier post here.


Trail mix:

This is so simple to make but oh so tasty. I have been snacking on this usually on my afternoon tea break at work. It is mainly healthy but has a chocolate kick. I have a post on this coming up next week so stay tuned!

What have you been loving this month?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Eats: Revolution Aberdeen...


If you're on a night out with the girls then there is a good chance at some point you will be looking for somewhere for cocktails. Revolution have recently revamped both their food and drink menu and myself and some other bloggers were invited to participate in a cocktail making class and sample the new menu.


On arrival to Revolution, we were greeted with either a glass of Prosecco or, for those that wanted it, a mocktail. I went for the Prosecco. We were then left to mingle and catch-up until they were ready for us for the cocktail class.

Admittedly, I had never done a cocktail making masterclass before so this was something I was really looking forward to. We were each allowed to chose a cocktail/mocktail from their extensive menu. Once we had made the difficult decision (believe me I changed my mind several times), our skills behind the bar were then put to the test.


Laura from Laura Whispering
Iga from Igaberry

Anastasia from Natbees fashion


Katherine Elizabeth and Joelle from Feb Girl





Cocktail class over, we headed back downstairs for food. I've been to Revolution before for food and it has always been very tasty so I was intrigued to try their new menu. And disappointed I wasn't.






Highlights from the food menu have to be both the Lobster Ravioli and the Wotsit burger (strange concept but it works). Lobster is generally not something I ever eat (due to seeing it being cooked when I was teeny) but I decided to try it and I actually enjoyed it. The Wotsit burger is perhaps the strangest burger I have ever eaten but it is definitely something that I recommend from this menu.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Eats: Union Square Supper Safari...

Going out for food and drink is definitely top of my list for something to do on the weekend. With Aberdeen boasting such a huge variety of places to eat and drink, it is very easy to forget what restaurants we actually have.

Last week, I attended a Supper Safari in Union Square along with some of my fellow Aberdeen bloggers. Intrigued? So was I.

To get things started, our 1st stop on the safari was Las Iguanas for a cocktail/mocktail where we were tasked with the difficult decision of choosing a cocktail from their extensive menu. As I am (still) obsessed with anything that has mango in it, I opted to go for the Mango Collins. This cocktail contains Mango Vodka, triple sec, orange and mango juice and finished off with lemonade. Delicious!


Cocktails devoured we then moved on a short distance to Yo! Sushi. I absolutely adore sushi and it is one of my favourite things to eat particularly when I'm out with the girls. In the past month or so Yo! Sushi have launched a brand new menu with some exciting new additions. I went for both the Hoisin Duck rolls along with the Buta No Kakuni which is slow-braised pork belly. Both of these dishes were full of flavour and ones that I highly recommend you try.



Buta No Kakuni


Hoisin Duck Rolls

Our next stop on the Union Square Supper Safari was Byron Burger. With bloggers all over the UK raving about Byron, it is safe to say that I was pretty excited to finally try it out. The menu at Byron is pretty simple but it works. I chose to go for their Cheeseburger with Cheddar Cheese and a banana milkshake (the milkshakes come with an option to make it an over-18 milkshake too). We also had some sweet potato fries to share on the table. One thing that is worth mentioning about Byron is that they let you choose how you like your burger (Well done for me, if you're curious).





Our last and final stop on this safari was Carluccios for dessert. I have been to Carluccios before but admittedly never had anything from their dessert menu as I'm usually too full from previous courses. However, after having a look at their menu, I picked the Melon and Lemon sorbet and let me tell you, that was absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be back for more.


 Massive thanks to both Union Square and Brad for organising such a wonderful event. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Life: This Week #025...


001) First of all Happy Easter to you all. I am hoping that you are having a wonderful long weekend with your friends and family. I'm having quite a quiet one where I am focusing on my blog, the jobs that never get done and my 2nd home, the gym.

002) If you haven't seen it already, yesterday I posted about living with Epilepsy. This was pretty hard to write, like all personal posts are, as I essentially came clean about everything.

003) This week, I seem to have been watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars and I'm now halfway through season 1. It's just one of those shows which has you completely hooked from the word go.

004) With Easter being this weekend, my eating habits this week have been dreadful - all I want is Easter Chocolate. It probably didn't help that I made Mini Egg Rocky Roads last weekend.However, I did take the majority of them into the office. Tomorrow I am going to be back on track.

005) On Tuesday, I went on a Union Square Supper Safari. It was absolutely amazing and brilliant to catch-up with everyone. Is it me or does time just fly by at blogger events as you're too busy chatting and having fun?

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Life: Epilepsy: more than a diagnosis...

Image credit - Pinterest

Despite Epilepsy affecting 65 million people across the globe, the actual cause, for the most part, remains widely unknown. Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with Photosensitive Epilepsy which occurs in less than 5% of people diagnosed.

Photosensitive Epilepsy is where the person has a reaction to anything that flashes or flickers whether it is artificial or natural. Sometimes even certain patterns can trigger a seizure. Seizures can also be dependent on other factors. I am most susceptible to a seizure when I am stressed, extremely tired or I have drunk an excessive amount of alcohol.

Every person that is Epileptic is different and the types of seizures vary. My seizures are known as convulsive seizures. Generally I will lose consciousness during the seizure and will convulse. Once I come around, I have no recollection of the seizure and I'll have the biggest headache ever (no surprise!).
In my 28 years (genuinely still feel 18..), I have had 3 seizures. When the 1st seizure occurred, I was around 15/16 and it was on a school trip abroad. If I can remember correctly, I had had very little sleep the previous night which, combined with flashing sunlight, set me up for a fall. My 2nd seizure was the day after the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. I had been out with friends the night before at Speyfest, drinking and Ceilidh dancing away to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Admittedly, I was really drunk at Speyfest and it's one of those nights where I can still only remember parts of it. However, regardless of how drunk I was the night before, it was essentially the amount of alcohol consumed, the lack of sleep and the stress of being unemployed at the time, that contributed to this seizure. Out of the 3, this seizure was perhaps the turning point where I realised that something may be wrong.

For me, being told by my Doctor that I had Epilepsy was not the biggest problem. I know that both medication and being aware of my triggers will help me to control it. The biggest problem I have is the constant mind games it plays with my mind. I find myself analysing every single thing in life: from where I sit on a bus to what I do socially. Every single damn thing. One of the most difficult situations that I find extremely hard to deal with are nights out. Back in university, I would be out several times a week with my friends drinking and dancing. I loved it and could think of nothing better than getting dressed up and heading out. Now, I am a shadow of the person that loved to go out. Any time that a night out is mentioned now, my mind goes into overdrive and I analyse it way beyond belief. Truth be told, I don't normally put myself in that kind of environment any more. As much as I love my friends and nights out, I always play the safe card now and tend to remove myself completely. In recent times, the only time that I have seen the whole night through was my work's Christmas night out. Even then, my mind was in overdrive and I was analysing everything like crazy. During the night, I was actually on Whatsapp to my friends freaking out (a lot). Their advice was to leave if I was uncomfortable (which I was) but that small stubborn streak inside of me wanted to stay as despite freaking out, I was really enjoying myself with my colleagues. In the end I did stay and I even made it onto the dance floor right at the very end. A small victory if I may say so.

Coping with having Epilepsy is obviously something that I'm still trying hard to deal with. I am actively trying to minimise my triggers: I now drink little to no alcohol; I'm always in bed before midnight (usually around 11) and I try to live a stress-free life. Something that I have found that really is helping me to cope is, unsurprising to some, the gym. When I'm at the gym, I am not actively analysing everything around me. I am completely 100%  focused on what I am doing whether that is working on improving my squat technique or having a bit of a dance during Sh'bam. At the gym, I am probably at my most content and relaxed in regards to my Epilepsy as I know that I can class it as a 'safe place' and I can enjoy myself.

With my Epilepsy, I am taking each day as it comes. I still have a long way to go until I feel completely happy to put myself into any situation without feeling the need to analyse everything. I have little milestones that I want to achieve and as I'm the kind of person that likes to prove myself wrong, I'm hoping that one day I will be able to reach them. But at the moment I am taking things slowly and as they say 'Slow and steady wins the race'.

Friday, 25 March 2016

What's in my bag...

Even though I have been blogging for near enough 6 years, I still cannot get enough of 'What's in my bag' posts. As I recently bought a new bag, I thought it was only fair that I show you the current contents of my bag.

This is my recent bag addition. It is Topshop's Large Crosshatch Shopper which is a bargain at £29.00. It is fairly large and I use it for everything. Inside, it has also has an additional detachable pouch, which could also be used by itself.

And here is what I keep in my bag:

001) Work ID
002) Pen (My favourites are always from Paperchase)
003) Soap and Glory Hand Food
004) Tissues
005) Cath Kidston Card Holder
006) Katy Perry Perfume (not sure which one it is)
007) Topshop 'Falling Fast' Lipstick
008) Carmex
009) Nike Training Gloves (I use these for Body Pump but keep them in my handbag as otherwise I would lose them somewhere...)
010) Glasses (Mine are the Carmen ones from Boots' own range but these are similar)
011) Headphones (these are Apple standard issue ones)
012) Phone Charger (I never leave the house without this)
013) Quay Australia Sunglasses (I previously reviewed these here)
014) Black pouch (This is from Forever 21 and I use it for keeping medication in it)
015) Bobble Hat (The weather is still unreliable)
016) iPhone 6S
017) Black Gloves
018) Mini Hairbrush (as a large is too large!)
019) Camera (This is a panasonic Lumix)
020) Umbrella
021) Purse (This one is from Warehouse - sadly no longer available)

Monday, 21 March 2016

Eats: Mini Egg Rocky Roads...

With Easter being just a bunny hop away (sorry!), it only seems right that some Easter baking makes an appearance right? As my favourite type of Easter Chocolate is Mini Eggs, I decided to look for a recipe that I could incorporate them into...and Mini Egg Rocky Roads was the winner.

You will need:

600g Milk Chocolate
300g Mini Eggs
180g Mini Marshmallows
300g Digestives

001) Melt the Chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.
002) In a separate bowl, crush the digestive biscuits using a rolling pin (or something similar). Make sure that you don't crush them too much as you still want a little bit of a crunch.
003) Once crushed, add in the marshmallows and 3/4 of the Mini Eggs.
004) Add the melted Chocolate and stir until combined.
005) Pour into a baking tray and decorate with the remaining Mini Eggs.
006) Leave to set and once enjoy!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Life: This Week #024...


001) it really the middle of March? I'm clearly having too much fun this year as time is just flying by. Or am I just getting older?

002) On Tuesday, I went back to Cue Barbecue with my friends. Still loved it this time around although I think I may have ordered slightly too much. I'll know for next time! You can see my post all about it here .

003) This week, I also treated myself to a new black tote bag from Topshop which will be featuring in an upcoming blog post. I absolutely adore it as I can fit practically anything in it.

004) In addition, I also attended a cocktail making event at Revolution Bar in Aberdeen earlier on today. It was absolutely amazing and I think everyone picked a different cocktail to make. We were also treated to samples of their food from their menu which was all really tasty (and very filling!).

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Trend report #003: Grey Nails...


Seasonal changes bring seasonal trends and for Spring/Summer 2016, Grey nails are a massive trend. Simple,sleek and easily wearable, a splash of grey on your nails will add a touch of class to any outfit.

Charcoal Grey:

Plain and simple, this colour is perfect for the office. The colour that I use is Beauty UK's Slate (not available anymore) but a couple of others that I love is Essie's Chinchilly and Maybelline's Midnight Taupe.

Metallic Grey:


Metallics are great for a night out  - a little sparkle goes a long, long way. Personally I love Beauty UK's Gun Metal (again not available anymore - can you tell I've been going through my collection?) but I also love Butter London Petrol Overcoat and Essie Over the Edge.

Off Grey:


I would define this as 'grey but with a tint of something else'. The colour that I have been loving is Illamasqua Raindrops (which is still available - yay!). It is quite a subtle colour but the formula is spot-on and long-lasting. Check out the review I previously did on this shade here.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Life: This week #023...

Alfie doing what Alfie does best - getting wet and muddy!

001) This week I seem to have spent the majority of the time hoarding a nasty chest infection. It seems to be going now although I did dramatically cut down my gym classes this week to allow for it to improve.

002) On Monday, I popped along to Yo! Sushi to try out their new Tokyo menu. It is actually very delicious and my favourite was definitely the ramen noodle salad.

003) This weekend I have been at home primarily for the 6 nations rugby match between Scotland and France. Safe to say, I was extremely happy that Scotland won - the atmosphere inside Murrayfield was absolutely electrifying and the French supporters were really good fun to be around too.

004) Late to the party (as ever), but this week I have just started watching 'Pretty Little Liars'. I am absolutely loving it so far and it seems to have replaced the 'Gossip Girl' shaped hole in my life.