Sunday, 21 February 2016

Life: This Week #020...


A sunrise I captured earlier this week - absolutely stunning colours. No filter.

001) My nutrition has never been my strong point so this week I have been using MyFitnessPal to track what I have been eating and drinking. Honestly, it has really opened my eyes to what is actually in food. From 1 of my favourite brand of bagels having 230 kcal to a cup of tea which has 50 kcal.

002) On the subject of food, today I attended a blogger event at Cue Barbecue in Aberdeen. The food was SO tasty! I will be reviewing this in full pretty soon.

003) This weekend I seem to have found time to catch up on tv. So much so that I have finally started watching Better Call Saul (the 1st season). I'm loving it so far! I'm also really enjoying Happy Valley too.

004) This time of year is always the time that I fancy a few new pieces for my wardrobe. I love looking at clothes but I'm not a major clothes shopper (and then I wonder why I have nothing to wear!) and I actually can't fit anything else in my wardrobe right now. So generally I tend to have a constant wishlist of some sort  in my head. Right now I am loving both New Look and Warehouse.

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