Sunday, 14 February 2016

Life: This week #019...


001) First things first, Happy Valentines Day to you all!

002) This week has passed in a bit of a blur: work has been very busy and then I've pretty much been at the gym in the evening working on building a better version of myself.

003) With my broadband working properly now, I have been catching up with TV shows that I have missed. This week I have been watching War and Peace which has been amazing so far. I have also finished watching Making a Murderer. It  has also dawned on me that I have missed a couple episodes of Scream Queens...

004) Last night I popped along to Spectre Aberdeen which is essentially a light festival. It was really good although there was a section I didn't go into as I have epilepsy and it wasn't worth potentially triggering a seizure. The best attraction was definitely the circles that changed colour when you jumped on them - not that I was pretending I was 5 again...

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