Monday, 15 February 2016

Interiors: Hallway Inspirations...

Living in a flat means that space is limited particularly in the hallway department. Since decorating my hallway at the end of last year, I have been scanning Pinterest for display ideas for all my artwork. 

For one of my walls,I love the concept of a gallery wall with little shelves dotted around for odds and ends.The wall that needs changing is adjacent to the front door so I need something that is going to create a bit of impact when you open the door.I also want to be able to incorporate some of my vintage finds as part of the display which is why one of the options that I am thinking of is a shelf above the radiator.

My other wall that needs something done to it is right behind the door. At the moment there is only hooks for hanging jackets but I think that something like the 1st picture may work a treat. I could have storage boxes above for storing seasonal items such as hats and gloves or quirky pieces. The possibilities for the shelf above are endless!

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