Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Under the microscope: Urban Decay Naked Foundation...

                   Urban Decay Naked Foundation 02 ; Teacups and Buttondrops

Urban Decay is one of those brands which can not stop producing stand-out beauty products. I am a massive fan of their Naked range and the fact that the range has increased over the years seem to suggest that every one else loves it just as much.

At the time that I bought the On-the-run palette, I was offered to make an appointment for a make-up consultation. One of the products that was used, amongst others, was their Naked Foundation.

                   Urban Decay Naked Foundation 02 ; Teacups and Buttondrops

Foundation is something that I have never really bought into high-end wise so this was pretty much my first foray. Normally with foundation, I can never get the colour to match exactly but with the huge range of shades available from Urban Decay, I was matched to shade 02. This shade is absolutely perfect for me to the point that the make-up artist had to look carefully to see where she applied it for testing purposes.

Overall, I really like this product as I find that not only is the colour perfect for me but it is also long-lasting. Pretty essential when you're a gym-goer like myself.

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  1. That is so good that you found one that matched perfectly. My friend who is a make up artist matched mine and I absolutely love it.




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