Sunday, 17 January 2016

Life: This Week #015...


Meet Gavin, the cute resident Dachshund at The Long Dog Cafe in Aberdeen

001) Let's state the obvious: it's been bleddy freezing this week!I'm surprised I haven't grown icicles although I am sporting a  rudolph nose. Currently there is no snow (good!) but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some at some point.

002) This weekend has been allll about the food. Yesterday, I was photographing food then today I was at The Long Dog Cafe as well as Jamie's Italian. Needless to say, this foodie is foodied out!

003) After the festive period, I was beginning to feel slightly fluffy around the edges so this week I made a conscious effort to go back to my pre-festive healthy eating habits. I have been feeling much better for doing this and seem to have been turning down junk food at points for healthy options...

004) This week saw the new Les Mills releases being rolled out in my gym. This time they are all pretty good but Body Combat 66 is amazing. I love every single track this time (although the  ridiculous amount of spider planks in the core track does not agree with me),

005) Banana and Peanut Butter on toast...where on earth have I been?

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