Monday, 4 January 2016

Fitness: Fitness review 2015 & Fitness Goals 2016...


It will come as no surprise that fitness is a major part of my life and as 2015 saw me smash goals left, right and centre, I thought I would share some 2015 highlights as well as some new 2016 goals.

2015 review:


In 2015, I noticed a marked interest in the types of classes that I enjoy doing. Gone is my interest in copious amounts of cardio-based work (I still keep some in for balance) and in comes more core-based/strength-building classes. In addition, I also attempted a number of new classes: Hydro-spinning; Ultimate Core (which involved some TRX); Jump Rope (Circuit based class); Body Jam and Metafit.


Progress is something  that I always strive for in my classes and I am constantly setting myself little goals to smash. Over the past year, I have seen progress in a number of areas: from increases in the weights that I use (particularly in Body Pump) to taking the higher options available.

Fitness Story:

In 2015, I also took the plunge and finally posted my Fitness Story.


As part of setting goals, I also like to take part in any challenges that become available. In 2015, I took part in Color me rad. It was good, but definitely nowhere near enough paint to appeal to my childish, mucky side.


At some point in time, you will encounter some sort of injuries from either doing too much or not having the correct form. This year, I picked up a number of injuries (usually my shoulder/right arm) so I have now learnt to listen to my body, take rest days and also to book a good sports massage from time-to-time (SMC massage therapy in Aberdeen are amazing!)

2016 Goals:

001) Continue to increase weights during Body Pump, specifically:
         - Squat track weight increase to 30kg (currently 22.5kg)
         - Shoulder track weight increase to 10kg (currently varies between 5kg & 7.5kg)
         - Chest track weight increase to 12.5kg (currently varies between 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg)
002) Push-ups on toes (currently on knees)
003) Tricep push-ups (currently using a lower option)
004) Move from downward dog to plank without collapsing (no tricep strength)
005) Continue to take higher options in classes
006) Develop a stretching routine for home to avoid too many more injuries
007) Try more new classes
008) Sign up for 1 or 2 challenges - I'm currently thinking about the Beast race
009) Sort out my nutrition. My nutrition is absolutely rubbish  and I know that having the right nutrition goes hand in hand with exercising. I usually find that I am fine at work and then after that it is a disaster with dinner usually being porridge on a good day (unless it's a weekend or I am at home where my Dad is an amazing cook).

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